The Blackboard Content Collection is being rolled out across the College during 2016 starting with the Mechanical Engineering, Childcare, Health & Social Care, Science and Computing teams.

The Content Collection is a central repository of teaching materials within Blackboard arranged in folders by subject area. Content can be uploaded into a folder for each unit being taught and then linked to from one or more Blackboard courses. This means that if you update a file all links will show this latest file making managing content easier.

Click a link below to find out more about how to use the Blackboard Content Collection.

Using the Content Collection

Accessing the Content Collection
Upload Files via Browser
Upload Files via Web Folder
Delete / Recycle Files and Accessing Recycle Bin
Changing File or Folder Properties / Settings
Tracking and Versioning
Search for File or Content
Link to a File
Transfer Files from Course Folder

Frequently Asked Questions

Known Issues


Contact the Learning Technologies Team for assistance.