Upload files & folders via Browser

  • Click on the Content Collection tab and then Institution Content (you can also get to the Institution Content from within any course via Control Panel)
  • Navigate to the folder that you would like to upload a file.
  • Click Upload and then Upload Files.

  • You can choose to upload a Single File or Multiple Files from the options at the top-right.

Upload Single File

  • Choose the Single File option and then Browse for the file to upload from your computer.
  • Note that you cannot have two files with the same name within a folder. The existing file with the same name will be overwritten.

Upload Multiple Files

  • Choose the Multiple Files option.
  • This method uses the Java plugin so may not work in Google Chrome or Firefox so we'd recommend using Internet Explorer.
  • If you get a message asking you to allow Java, choose Run and Allow.
  • Drag & drop files into the area from your computer or click Browse to select files/folders

multiple file upload.JPG
  • Click Submit and the files will be uploaded and a successful upload message will be displayed.
    You may be prompted to accept overwriting of files if you are uploading the same named file into the folder.
  • You will be taken back to the previous page once the upload has been completed.

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