File/Folder Permissions

There are 4 access rights that can be given to users for any file or folder.

  • Read - read access
  • Write - upload new files/folders, overwrite files.
  • Remove - Delete/Recycle files
  • Manage - Change settings like tracking, versions, comments, permissions.

Permissions to users can be given to
  • Individual users by specifying their username
  • A team by choosing the team roles ex. TAA, TDC etc.
  • To users from a specific course only.
  • To the general public.


By default any folder or file that is uploaded in the content collection will have read access to all users with a system account.
All student users can read the file through the link given to them within a blackboard course.
All staff users can search for a file or folder and reads its contents within the content collection.

Write, Remove and Manage:

All subfolders and files within a folder will have the same permission settings as the parent folder unless changed individually.

Change permissions:

You can view or change the permissions for the items only if you have been given the manage rights by the administrator.
To view the current permissions for a file click on the hand icon in the permissions column.

  • Select the users from the list or hover over to click the menu for the item.
  • To remove all permissions select delete.
  • To change permissions, select edit.