This page lists known issues in the Content Collection and workarounds (if available).

Java File Upload

Updating Java plugin is currently blocked on College network
Issue: You are unable to download the latest update to Java since exe files are blocked on network
Workaround: Contact RM Helpdesk to arrange for the plugin to be updated on your computer

Java plugin is blocked in Chrome & Firefox
Issue: The Java plugin is now blocked by default in the Chrome & Firefox (from v52+) browsers. Click here to read more information about this
Workaround: Use alternative browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari

Java plugin required to be activated / turned on in Firefox (pre-v52)
Issue: The Java plugin may not run in Firefox unless it has been enabled.
Workaround: Enable Java by following these instructions.

Web Folder

Opening Word document from Web Folder saves as xml file when saved back to Web Folder
Issue: Blackboard is aware of this issue.
Workaround: None at this stage