Access the Content Collection:

You can access the Content Collection from within Blackboard once you have logged in. Click the Content Collection link at the top of the page to open it. This link is currently only available to the Phase 1 teams.


Accessing Institution Content

Content is arranged in folders and sub folders within Institution Content. This is the central repository for files organised in curriculum area folders. Each unit can have its own folder within the curriculum area so that the content can be centrally stored & managed and then linked to from multiple Blackboard courses.

Click the Institution Content link on the left-hand side of the Content Collection to access these folders.

Accessing Content Collection from a Course:

From the Control Panel in your course you can access the Course Files folder (name of the course) or the full Content Collection:


Course Folder Files:
  • A folder containing all the files uploaded into this single course. Every course has a separate folder..
  • You cannot share content across courses.
  • Students do not have access to store or share files in these course folders.

Content Collection -> Institution Content:
  • You can store content for each unit that you each in a single folder for that unit and link to it from multiple Blackboard courses.
  • You can share content across courses and with other users.

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