These workbooks are from the Blackboard Learn Training course. Lecturers can access the Blackboard Learn 9.1 Training Course through Blackboard.
They cover the "how to" aspects of most Blackboard tools.

Workbooks 1(a) and (b)

Outcome 1 (a) Workbook
This covers :

Outcome 1 (b) Workbook
This covers:
  • Content Tools
  • Change a course appearance
  • Create an Announcement
  • Create Staff Information
  • Change course settings - make a course available
  • Copy and Move Content
  • Amend and Delete Content
  • Create a Course Link
  • Create an External Link
  • Use Multimedia Files
  • Course Files
  • Upload a Zip file to Files
  • Deploy a package in Blackboard
  • Upload Web page files
  • Display a Web Page

Using the Content Management System

Using the CMS Workbook
This covers:
  • The Content Management System
  • Create a New Folder
  • Search for Resources
  • Different Ways to Search the Content Management System
  • Quick Search
  • Upload content
  • Deploying Resources in Blackboard

Workbooks 4 (a) to (d)

Workbook 4 (a) Workbook
This covers:
  • Create a Test
  • Add Questions to a Test in the Test Canvass
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • True / False Questions
  • Matching Questions
  • Using Images in Tests
  • Deploying a Test
  • Import a Question Pool
  • Create a Test from an Imported Question Pool
  • Creating an Assignment

Worbook 4 (b) and (c) Workbook
This covers:
  • Course Tools
  • Using the Course Calendar
  • Using the Tasks Tool
  • Using Email in Blackboard
  • Using the Discussion Board
  • Setting up Forums
  • Creating a Thread
  • Creating a Glossary

Workbook 4 (d) Workbook
This covers:
  • Working Together
  • Enrol a User
  • Contribute to a Discussion Forum as a Student
  • Moderate a Discussion Forum
  • Create a Group
  • Take a Test and Submitting an Assignment as a Student
  • Using the Grade Centre
  • Viewing a Test Attempt
  • Adding a Grade Manually
  • Back Up the Grade Center
  • Tracking How Many Students Use Resources

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