Student Performance Reports:
You can measure student performance against desired learning outcomes. The reports come in two versions:
  1. Student Performance Against Goals - This is a student-centric view measuring how a particular student has performed against the stated goals. This is measured by reporting their performance against all graded items that were aligned to a goal. At the course level, you can see how the student has performed against goals and content items within that course. Administrators may see how the student has performed against goals across ALL courses - contact Learning Technologies if you would like a copy of this report.
  2. Course Performance - This is a Goal-centric view that shows all student performance against a particular goal. Again we report on all student’s performance against this goal by measuring performance against all graded items aligned to a goal. Instructors can view this report for the Goals / Students in their course. Administrators may see this report for all Goals and all Students.

Note: Goals must be created and aligned to content in your course before running these reports to view an accurate picture on how your course and students are performing.

About Goals:
You can align course content and activities with Goals in Blackboard.

The process is:
  1. Instructors align course content to one or multiple goals. Many types of content items can be aligned with goals including Discussion Board topics and threads, Learning Modules, lesson plans, folders, blogs, journals, tests, individual test questions, assignments, and Grade Centre columns can be aligned to goals.
  2. Instructors and administrators run course reports to examine how course content matches up with the school’s goals and how students are performing against goals.

Short video about how to align content to goals (02:36):

More information about goals and alignments is available from the official Blackboard Instructor Help pages.