A number of changes were made during 2017 which include:
  • Blackboard was upgraded to Q2 2017 Release with Cumulative Update 5
  • Helix Media Library was renamed as Medial Media Library
  • Turnitin interface was updated to Turnitin Feedback Studio
  • Blackboard's inline grading was migrated from crocodoc to the new Box view.
  • The old streaming video server (abvideo), accessed via Equella was switched off. All videos now available via Medial or ClickView.
  • Equella has been decommissioned and links in Blackboard changed to the Blackboard Content Collection
  • Blackboard Content collection is the content management system for teaching resources now.
  • Introduction of Meetoo - mobile polling and questioning
  • Office 365 has been rolled out to staff with personal home drives being migrated to ONeDrive- NEscol